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Hilo ^-^ iam Cicura Kikari! I'm now 20, and love everything Japanese and anime related (full fledged otaku)
My favourite food is cheese and my favourite animals are ducks and cats <3
My one goal in life is : "To make people happy and smile and laugh"

I hope to get support and encouragement! I'm all for constructive criticism! So please! Criticize! I need to learn to get better at drawing so I can be as good as all you other deviants ;v;

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A person is not shy can not understand a person who is.

To call yourself "shy" and then say you just put on an act in front of others that you "aren't shy" is nonsense.

If you were truly shy, you couldn't put on any act. And if you're putting on an act in front of others that you are NOT shy, does that mean you can lose the act and BE SHY once you're by yourself? That's silly. When you're by yourself, you're not shy with yourself!

Are you shy?
Imagine someone calls you a sociopath (: "a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience.").

"Extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior" - when you're shy, you aren't going around greeting people and starting conversations of your own accord.

"A lack of conscience (: "is an aptitude, faculty, intuition or judgment that assists in distinguishing right from wrong.") - So when you don't get up to greet someone, or when someone says "how are you?" and you only reply with a "fine" and no inquiry as to how THEY are, you are apparently deemed with having no sense of what's right or wrong, like you're stupid. When really, you are just SHY.

Someone who is not shy can not understand what it's like to be shy.

Everyone can be nervous, uncertain, "shy" at times, but that doesn't make "them" as a whole, "shy". Anyone can feel uncomfortable having to present in front of a crowd, but a shy person will feel uncomfortable to a point of anxiety and feel a dreadful feeling inside.

Being shy is something that is beyond one's control. I can want to be not shy but I can't help the hesitation I feel inside. It's extremely uncomfortable.

I've thought countless times that if I could just wear a long blonde wig and clothes I wouldn't normally wear, I could go out and do anything just fine. That would suggest that I can't do things because I am me - I don't like me. And while you shouldn't care what others think, I can't help it.

I mean, I can say, "I don't care what others think" and in truth, I really don't care what people think in regards to certain things - even if it could hurt me, cuz I just tell myself their opinions don't matter (as that's all they are, opinions) and I'm fine. But .. Clearly, inside of me, whether I'd like to think so or not - a part of me really cares what people think of me, enough to make me hesitate. I don't like it ofc.

Oh well.

And I have OCD, I'm sure. So this wunnn tyyyymme at baaaand ca- wtf no. I started seeing a person to help me with OCD and when I told my parents, my Daddy just says "don't go telling people that or they'll think something's wrong with you." HA. And after reading an entire self-help book about how to overcome OCD and that a positive, encouraging family environment would help! That's what I had to work with. Well he's the same one that said "People say things about you" in regards to me wearing cat ears. And when I say "oh, really? What do they say?" He says "well you know... They think you've got mental problems." To which I hafta profusely disagree with a big smile, asking "Really? Who is 'they'? Who is 'THEY'?" Hint: it's him.

Woooooo. The stress that is evident in that text. Ok so nya. This is venting, really I guess. So there. My thoughts on shiiit. Nya. I just thought dumbshits and dumbfacks who could be so rude as to call a (let's say) " "clinically shy"(?) person a ducking sociopath, need to grasp a better understanding of what it means to have self confidence issues.


A person who is not shy can not understand a person who is.

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